RFM24 How To Make Trance in FL Studio

by ReOrder

About Course

After the very successful Trance Melodies & Chord Progression with MYR he is back with yet another great tool to get you started in the right direction! Join us for a transformative experience as MYR guides you through the intricacies of making Uplifting Trance in this exclusive masterclass. Designed for both beginners and experienced producers, this comprehensive course is your gateway to mastering FL Studio for Trance productions. Industry Insights: Learn from a respected Trance artist who has successfully navigated the music industry, gaining insights that can help you on your own journey. Join a Community: Connect with fellow music enthusiasts and producers, sharing your passion for Uplifting Trance and FL Studio. Don't miss this opportunity to gain access to MYR's knowledge and expertise. Enroll now and become the Trance producer you are meant to be. Your journey to creating stunning Trance melodies and tracks starts here!
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What Will You Learn?

  • Produce entire song using Fl Studio Native Plugins and Other Free Plugins
  • Process basslines, leads, acids, percussion and more
  • mix and quick master your tracks

Course Curriculum

How To Make Trance in FL Studio with MYR

  • Full Course


  • Do you want the FL Studio Trance Template only? We have release the template solo so you can start crafting right away.


  • FL Studio 21.1.1, Voxengo SPAN v3.15, BUSTERse, Luftikus, VITAL


  • In this immersive 4-hour course, you'll dive deep into the following key areas:
  • 1️⃣ Trance Production Mastery: Gain hands-on experience in using FL Studio's powerful tools and discover how to integrate FREE plugins into your workflow effectively.
  • 2️⃣ Create a Full Track from Scratch: MYR will walk you through every step of creating a complete Uplifting Trance track from the ground up. You'll learn the nuances of melody creation, chord progressions, arrangement, and more.
  • 3️⃣ Production, Mixing, and Music Theory in One: MYR's expertise extends beyond production. He'll share valuable insights into mixing techniques that make Trance tracks shine. Plus, you'll explore essential music theory concepts tailored specifically to Trance music. Elevate Your Skills: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, MYR's guidance will take your Trance music production skills to the next level.

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