RFM22 Advanced Trance Melodies & Chord Progression with MYR

by ReOrder

About Course

Having trouble creating captivating trance melodies? Uncover the secrets of melody creation with MYR's masterclass. This course is your gateway to producing stunning trance music, designed specifically for those who want to enhance their music production skills not only in Trance Music Genre. 1. Master Advanced Techniques: Learn the art of creating unique, resonating melodies with advanced chord progression techniques. 2. Stand Out in the Music Scene: With the skills you gain, you'll distinguish yourself in the competitive world of trance music. 3. Learn from the Best: Uncover the secrets that top producers use to create captivating melodies. 4. Efficiency in Creation: With the techniques taught, you'll be able to produce melodies and chord progressions faster and more efficiently. 5. Stay Updated: This course will keep you informed about the latest trends and techniques in the industry. * If you're just starting out, consider our beginner's class with ReOrder. You'll learn quick tips and tricks to create melodies easily. For a practical guide, watch this YouTube video by ReOrder on creating a full track from start to finish. * What else is included in this Masterclass? * Almost 200 MIDI files with Chords and Melodies * Ableton Live template Project
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Course Curriculum

Trance Melodies & Chord Progression – Advanced

  • Full Course


  • Almost 200 MIDI files with Chords and Melodies
  • Ableton Live template Project


  • Music producers who are looking to deepen their expertise in creating advanced chord progressions and crafting intricate melodies.

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