RFM16 Sylenth1 Sound Design

by ReOrder

About Course

Introducing the latest addition to our Sound Design series – ReOrder’s highly anticipated Sylenth1 Sound Design masterclass! In this comprehensive course, you’ll join ReOrder as he takes you on a journey into the heart of one of the most iconic synths in trance music – Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1. With ReOrder’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how to create 10 basic sounds using Sylenth1 and progressive techniques that will help you craft your own unique presets from scratch. Say goodbye to purchasing pre-made soundbanks and presets. This masterclass will empower you to gain in-depth knowledge of Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital inside and out. You’ll learn how to create the sounds you need for your music in just minutes. You'll also gain the skills and confidence needed to create your own truly unique sounds. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll receive a free Ableton Live project with the course. This gives you the perfect opportunity to apply what you’ve learned taking your sound design skills to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, the Sylenth1 Sound Design masterclass is the perfect opportunity to elevate your sound and create truly unique presets that will set your productions apart. Don’t miss out – enroll now and unlock your true sound design potential!
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Course Curriculum

Sylenth1 Sound Design

  • Full Course


  • Ableton Live Suite 11, Sylenth 1 latest version

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