RFM 14 How To Make Trance

by ReOrder
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Are you passionate about trance music? Want to create your own uplifting trance single? You're in the right place! ReOrder's 2.5-hour masterclass is your perfect guide. This course is fun and easy, just like music production should be. ReOrder, a seasoned professional, shares his top tips and tricks. You'll learn how to structure your track quickly and easily. Discover how to avoid getting stuck with loops and how to mix your kick with bass? ReOrder has got you covered. Ready to dive in? Sign up now! Start creating industry-standard uplifting trance singles in no time. For hands-on learning, check out the Live 11 Template Project. For quick look, watch ReOrder in action in this YouTube tutorial.
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What Will You Learn?

  • This course also teaches you how to create a groovy build-up as well. You'll learn how to connect your build-up with the breakdown smoothly. Want to make your drop punchy and stand out? ReOrder shows you how. However, that's not the end of it. You'll uncover a wealth of additional insights about music production, insights that you won't find anywhere else. Therefore, it's crucial not to let this opportunity slip by. With ReOrder's expert guidance, you can significantly elevate your skills.

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How To Make Trance

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