RFM25 Instant Trance Melody Maker by MYR


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Introducing the Instant Trance Melody Maker by MYR, a groundbreaking toolkit designed to get you headlining at major festivals as fast as possible. This exclusive collection includes an impressive arsenal  of creative tools, ensuring you never face the challenge of a creative block again. 


With over 160 Chord Progressions and over 80 midi files of leads, percussion and basses, you have the perfect foundations to write an endless amount of ideas. Plus as a special treat, MYR gives you 6 Vital Presets to get you started even faster. These  presets offer a shortcut to professional-grade sounds, saving you time and effort in the production process.

But we don’t just stop there – 

MYR goes the extra mile by including a special Masterclass in Ableton Live and FL Studio and the Project Templates. These Courses and Templates serve as invaluable learning tools and practical guides, allowing you to deconstruct and understand what makes professional-grade projects.


Watch MYR demonstrate just how powerful these midi files are in the below video.



✅ 10+ Mid-Bass Files

✅ 10+ Percussion Midi Files

✅ 2+ Sub Midi Files

✅ 15+ Pluck Midi Files

✅ 46+ Lead Midi Files

✅ 160+ Chord Progressions


  • 6 Vital Presets
  • Ableton Live Project Template
  • FL Studio Project Template

Say goodbye to creative stagnation and embrace the boundless possibilities offered by the Instant Trance Melody Maker. With MYR’s exclusive midi file collection and bonus content, you have the ammunition to craft instant and powerful track starters right at your fingertips. Get started ASAP.

4 reviews for RFM25 Instant Trance Melody Maker by MYR

  1. ChrisFaradayTrance (verified owner)

    Whether or not you struggle with music theory, this makes it fast and easy to write awesome trance tracks that don’t sound canned. Useful for other genres as well

  2. deano001 (verified owner)


    Creating melodies is something I struggle with and as a result I hardly ever finish the tracks. I never think they are any good and simply get bored.

    This is just what I needed…… Good course from MYR and an awesome midi pack to have. Easy to tweak and create your own melodies. I managed to come up with an awesome riff, added a vocal and have created a pretty decent demo worthy of finishing. All thanks to Tibor and RFM.

    With Tibor’s master classes and this midi pack you are pretty much set if you want to make Trance music.

  3. Gunter (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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