RFM1 Trance Production Intro

by ReOrder
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About Course

Learn Trance production online and check out this introduction to Trance masterclass by ReOrder where he goes through important topics like lead layering, quick track mastering plus more. He'll also give you insider knowledge on topics like what plugins you need and basic mixdown tips. You'll also gain access to one of his Trance projects in Ableton Live for you to study and reverse engineer. If you are... - A beginner, intermediate, or advanced looking to learn new skills - Have trouble processing leads - Struggling with mixing and mastering - Not sure which plugins you need - looking to make professional sounding Trance tracks or just want to discover new production tips and tricks to help your sound quality , then this trance production online course is perfect for you.  With the addition of the professional Ableton Live Trance project, this product is an absolute must-have. Learn Trance production online now.
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Course Curriculum

Intro To Trance Music Production

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