how to make trance melodies with reorder melodies for begginers

RFM5 How To Make Trance Melodies for Beginners



How To Make Trance Melodies for Beginners


Trance Melodies Creation can be frustrating at times. Are you a music producer tho is finding it hard to create enchanting melodies for your trance tracks. Our easy-to-follow method, designed for all levels of producers, is the solution you’ve been looking for! No need for advanced music theory knowledge – our step-by-step process will have you crafting impressive melodies swiftly.

ReOrder, an experienced music producer, will guide you through everything – from choosing the right key and scale, to designing memorable chord progressions. This will elevate your tracks and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to inspiration – enrol now and discover the straightforward approach to creating melodies that everyone can grasp!

What will you learn:

  1. How to make quick chord progressions from scratch without knowing music theory using Ableton live
  2. Using the chords to create easy to remember melodies
  3. Understand inversions for professional chord progressions
  4. Using Connecting notes to make even better melodies
  5. Quick tips & trick on picking the right scales and key for your Trance melodies

Watch the Trance Melodies Creation session short

Easy Approach to Creating Trance Melodies
How To Write Basic Chords | Trance Music Theory

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Looking for more Melodies & chord progression creation topics? Check out our Trance Melodies & Chord Progression class with MYR. This course is your gateway to producing stunning trance music, designed specifically for those who want to enhance their music production skills not only in Trance Music Genre.

3 reviews for RFM5 How To Make Trance Melodies for Beginners

  1. dseabra (verified owner)

    This course completely changed my approach in building Uplifting Trance melodies. Very simple and straightforward, it opened my eyes in the logic behind how to make a melody properly uplifting. This course together with the “Lead Stack Layering” course is a must have.

  2. Orlando Cabezudo (verified owner)

    I always had trouble understanding chords and melodies with this masterclass, it cleared up my doubts and made it easier to understand

  3. Cosmasonus (verified owner)

    Clear cut explanations and methods on how to turn clashing chords and melodies into a sum that is greater than its individual parts, along with various techniques to make those scores stand out from the mundane. Outstanding masterclass for building the foundations of future tracks.

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