DIVA Presets vol.01 by ReOrder





Introducing DIVA Presets vol.01: Elevate Your Music with 141 Masterfully Crafted Sounds


Experience the power of the best analog emulation synth on the market with this collection of intricately designed presets. Crafted by Armada artist and world-class producer ReOrder and rising melodic techno star Occult Frequencies, this sound bank offers you the keys to unlock your next chart-topping hit.

Endorsed by ReOrder: From Studio to Armada Music


These presets aren’t just any sounds; they are the secret ingredients behind ReOrder’s debut masterpiece, “Smoke & Mirrors,” released on the prestigious Armada Music label in the sizzling summer of 2023. Now, you can harness the same iconic power to shape your own journey.



Diva Presets Vol.01 – Featured Sounds Demo

Diva Presets Vol.01 – Live 11 Template Demo

What’s Inside Your New Arsenal?

DIVA Presets vol.01 is packed to the brim with inspiration, boasting:

  • 36 Enchanting Baselines
  • 47 Captivating Leads
  • 20 Mesmerizing Plucks
  • 14 Ethereal Pads
  • 5 Innovative LFO Sounds
  • 4 Percussion Essentials
  • 3 Razor-Sharp Stabs
  • 3 Sequencer Wonders
  • 3 Wild Synth Presets
  • 2 Mind-Bending FX Elements
  • 2 Crystal-Clear Bells
  • 1 Powerful Acid Sequence
  • 1 Mesmerizing Arpeggio
  • Bonus: Tap into your creative juices with Ableton Live 11 Templates that echo the demos.

Elevate your music production game and step into the spotlight with. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your musical journey, these presets are your passport to reach the next level.

Required software: 
U-He Diva 1.4.5, Ableton Live 11.3.10

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